The Quiet Collection for Christmas

An ALL NEW audio devotional to help ease seasonal anxiety and stay present in December. Start listening today. 


Chances are at some point during the next four weeks, you'll find yourself feeling extra frazzled, lonely, or distracted despite your best intentions. 

If every other solitary Advent intention flies out the window, all you have to do is pop in your earbuds for a few minutes each day and be reminded of the story of Jesus. 

In this year's all new 2021 Collection, I want to help you:

  • approach December with hope 
  • set your mind before you start your day
  • find relief from seasonal anxiety and the exhaustion of 2021
  • discern your next right thing in love

Want to hear a sample?

Here's a short clip from Day 8. Each daily reflection is a mercifully short 3 - 7 minutes long. 

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Day 8 // Abundance

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This was my next right thing.

Hi there, I'm Emily P. Freeman.

I am a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of five books and host of The Next Right Thing podcast. Mostly, it's an honor to create space for your soul to breathe in everything I do.

During a year where many things felt upside down and heartache was close at hand, creating this collection for you turned out to be a gift for me.

The tone, the pace, and the music have all been carefully curated to help you set a simple intention each day.

This edition of The Quiet Collection is brand new, designed specifically for the end of 2021.

What To Expect

When you purchase The Quiet Collection, here's exactly what you get:

Daily Reflection

Ten contemplative recordings of scripture and a short reflection, designed to help you set your mind before you start your day.

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The option to listen to each daily reflection in a private podcast feed that you can easily add to your favorite podcast player. 

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Each audio recording comes with a complete transcript for reading, downloading, and/or printing.


Original Music 

The Quiet Collection is all new for 2021, including the music. In the background of each audio reflection is a beautiful original score, written and performed by Caleb Peavy. 

"The Quiet Collection for Christmas is just what I need during this hectic but beautiful season. Short, peaceful and thoughtful when doing a long or difficult devotion seems like too much. It's truly helping through this busy time in our lives."

-Ann G.

Kristen M.

I gifted this to my entire women's ministry team. Love it.

Shannan M.

I listened on cold, dark morning drives to work. It was the lens I needed.

Amy J.

I look forward to these gentle words of warmth and hope each Christmas.

Are you weary, lonely, or longing for home?

This year has led us to places we would rather not go. But here we are anyway: waiting for relief, praying for healing, and holding on the best we can. If you want help to enter December with new hope and fresh eyes, give your future self this daily gift.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Here's to a season of sanity.

Let's stay present in December.


Peek inside The Quiet Collection

Each day I'll read a passage from Scripture, offer a short reflection, and a few questions to consider for the day. In this collection you may notice subtle themes of light, dark, courage, justice, and love.

Day 1: December 


Day 2: Mary


Day 3: Heartbeat


Day 4: Encounter


Day 5: Love

Day 6: Ordinary


Day 7: Quiet 


Day 8: Abundance


Day 9: Word


Day 10: Blessing

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