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Hello to you. 

Chances are you’re feeling some version of extra frazzled, lonely, or distracted despite your best intentions this time of year. 

When your eyes and body are too exhausted to focus on reading and video content has worn you all the way out, listening is the gift we forgot we needed.

Audio is the friendliest companion there is, the medium you can take with you, the only information you can receive both on the go and with your eyes closed. 

That’s why we created the The Quiet Collection for Christmas: because if every other solitary Advent intention flies out the window, all you have to do is pop in your earbuds for a few minutes each day and be reminded of the miraculous story of God coming down to be with us.

I want to help you:

  • approach December with fresh eyes and renewed hope
  • set your mind before you start your day
  • find relief from seasonal anxiety
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What To Expect

When you purchase The Quiet Collection for Christmas, here's exactly what you get:

Daily Reflection

Ten contemplative audio reflections designed to help you set your mind before you start your day. Email delivery means no login required.

Private Podcast Feed 

The option to listen to each daily reflection in a private podcast feed that you can easily add to your favorite podcast player. 

Printable Transcripts

Each audio recording comes with a complete transcript for reading, downloading, and/or printing.


Original Music 

In the background of each audio reflection is an original score created specifically for 2022 written and performed by Caleb Peavy.

The Quiet Collection for Christmas

An ALL NEW audio devotional to help ease seasonal anxiety


Author | Host | Spiritual Director

I'm Emily P. Freeman, here to help create space for your soul to breathe so that you can discern your next right thing in love.

After spending the last five years hosting The Next Right Thing podcast and offering spiritual direction and creative coaching for those struggling with decision fatigue, it's been my honor to bear witness to and hold space for our collective pain as well as our deep capacity for healing.

As the animating center of our lives, our soul is the place from which thought, feeling, action, and choice emerge and are integrated.

I'm always working to find new ways to take what is true, hidden, and invisible and bring it into our regular, extravagant, ordinary lives. That's what I'm attempting to do with the Christmas Collection this year. I hope you enjoy it.

"The Quiet Collection for Christmas is just what I need during this hectic but beautiful season. Short, peaceful & thoughtful when doing a long or difficult devotion seems like too much. It's truly helping through this busy time in our lives."

-Ann G.

Peek inside The Quiet Collection for Christmas

Each day you will have two ways to listen and you can choose the one that works best for you: an audio file in your inbox delivered each morning or in a private podcast feed.

Day 1: Hello 


Day 2: Surprise


Day 3: Magnificat


Day 4: Silenced


Day 5: Compelled

Day 6: Teacher


Day 7: Wind 


Day 8: Okay


Day 9: Compassion


Day 10: Benediction

Here's to a season of sanity

Let's stay present in December.

This is my next right thing.

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