Introducing The Quiet Collection for iPhone

An audio companion for various seasons and stages of life

Hello to you. 

Chances are you’re feeling some version of extra frazzled, lonely, or distracted despite your best intentions this time of year. 

When your eyes and body are too exhausted to focus on reading and video content has worn you all the way out, listening is the gift we forgot we needed.

Audio is the friendliest companion there is, the medium you can take with you, the only information you can receive both on the go and with your eyes closed. 

That’s why we created the The Quiet Collection for Christmas in the first place: because if every other solitary Advent intention flies out the window, all you have to do is pop in your earbuds for a few minutes each day and be reminded of the miraculous story of God coming down to be with us.

But The Christmas Collection was never intended to be the only collection.

Now, we’re thrilled to finally be able to bring you the Christmas Collection you’ve come to count on every year, but in a brand new format: The Quiet Collection app for iPhone!

How it works:


Download The Quiet Collection app for FREE on your iPhone.


Create an account with just your name and email address.


Listen to the Welcome message from Emily and/or the free Borrowed Prayers.


Purchase the Christmas Collection via Apple's in-app purchasing.

What's inside The Quiet Collection App:

An all new way to create some intentional space for your soul to emerge through simple readings, familiar prayers, and original reflections to accompany you along your way.

Christmas Collection 2022

This year's all new 10-day audio devotional series for Christmas: short, original reflections with an original piano score, a simple way to set your mind before you start your day this December.

In-app purchase for iPhone - $11.99

Borrowed Prayers

Emily reads ancient, familiar prayers recited and repeated by people through history. These recordings will always be free and the list will grow over time.

Included for FREE with the app

Complete Transcripts

While the app is designed for audio, each recording also comes with a complete transcript for reading, downloading, and/or printing.

Included for all audio

Future Collections

We look forward to adding new collections for various seasons and stages of life. Be sure to download the app so you'll know when these new collections drop.

Coming 2023!

Coming Soon: The Quiet Collection on all devices!

Our goal is to have The Quiet Collection available not only for iPhone but for iPad, Mac, and all Android devices as well. We're in phase one with iPhone only and we thank you for your patience.

Meet your host, Emily P. Freeman

Author | Podcast Host | Spiritual Director

I help create space for your soul to breathe so that you can discern your next right thing in love.

After spending the last five years hosting The Next Right Thing podcast and offering spiritual direction and creative coaching for those struggling with decision fatigue, several themes have emerged: we are carrying many burdens, we are committed to our own healing and the healing of those around us, and we will not suffer fools. 

As the animating center of our lives, our soul is the place from which thought, feeling, action, and choice emerge and are integrated.

But the soul is hidden, quiet, and slow-moving. In order to discern our next right thing, it’s imperative we learn the language our soul wants to speak.

I'm always working to find new ways to take what is true, hidden, and invisible and bring it into our regular, extravagant, ordinary lives. That's part of what we're attempting to do here with this app—to create some intentional space for your soul to emerge, to give it form and margin by offering simple readings, familiar prayers, and original reflections to accompany you along your way.

I’m thrilled to finally share it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome here.

Perhaps your experience of God has changed in recent years and you’re looking for some companionship as you consider the changing landscape of your inner life.
Whether you consider yourself to be a person of faith, whether your beliefs are deeply rooted or recently uprooted, whether you closely identify with a particular Christian tradition or are just spiritually curious, I hope you'll find welcome here.
May the quiet surround and encourage you, and may grace surprise you kindly along the way.