Helping writers, makers, and creative entrepreneurs like you overcome decision fatigue, get out of your own way, and discern your next right thing in life and business.

I want to help you find clarity.

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure what to do next and frustrated by your lack of clarity, you’re in the right place. My job is to put into words the thoughts you don’t have time to think. 

I can help you get practical results by listening to what's happening beneath the surface of your life and business so that you can name what you really want to do and finally get out of your own way.

I currently have three distinct offerings for one-on-one work: Creative Direction, Team Building, and Content Coaching.

Creative Direction

After doing your good work for years now, you're feeling stuck and could use some clarity. You haven't lost your gifting or your creativity, but you need another perspective, someone to ask the right questions so you can essentialize, prioritize, and begin to make progress again.

Team Building

From finding the right fit for your first hire to clarifying roles and responsibilities for your existing team, leading a team of humans has unique challenges that are best met with someone in your corner. 

Content Coaching

Sometimes you're too close to the content to know why something isn't working. While I don't do content edits or revising, I will offer insight and clarity for the serious writer who needs direction (tagline, titling, outlines, structure, and other long-form work meant for a reader.)

Currently Not Accepting Clients

Thank you for your interest, but  I am not accepting any new clients in Spring 2023.

From a Team Building client:

When I hired Emily to help me hire my first Executive Assistant I thought,  Shouldn’t I just be able to do this on my own? But I knew that I did not have the expertise or the time to ensure my first hire would be a success.

Within weeks, I hired someone who is the absolute perfect match for me and my business. Looking back on the process I know I could not have found the perfect hire without Emily P. Freeman. She helped me get clear on what kind of position I needed to fill and what the best candidate for my team would look like.

Emily is a business-savvy leader and a gracious guide through every step of the process. I would not have found my perfect hire without her.

Bri McKoy, Author of Come and Eat

No matter which service is the right fit for you, here's what I'll bring to our time together:

A posture of listening, thoughtful questioning, and the belief that our inner life is not separate from our business life.

I have a Masters in Spiritual Formation & Leadership and serve as a Residency Lecturer for Friends University MASFL program.

An understanding of the art and business of online work.

I've been serving readers online for over 15 years with experience in online marketing, launching, and co-running an online business with an entirely distributed team.

Ten years experience in the sometimes maddening and occasionally rewarding business of traditional publishing, including the marketing and publicity that comes with it.

I have five published books, two Wall Street Journal bestsellers, and two Publishers Weekly bestsellers.

An awareness of the landscape of podcasting and how hosts are often creating (and changing) their own rules.

I've hosted a weekly podcast called The Next Right Thing for over four years with over 21M total downloads.

I'm more of a listener than a talker, more of a responder than an initiator, and more comfortable in the green room than in the spotlight.

I can be your guide on the side, available to offer perspective and clarity so that you can create, lead, and do your good and beautiful work with freedom and confidence as you trust that any information shared with me will of course remain confidential.

From a Team Building client:

"It was a joy to work with Emily P. Freeman! Right away, she offers clear systems to help reach your goal alongside a thoughtful, friendly voice offering valuable advice. She has a unique ability to get to the core of the issue and offer solutions personalized to your situation. Ultimately, she helped streamline our hiring process during a busy time, making the whole experience more effective and enjoyable. Thanks, Emily!"


Erica Mandy, Journalist and Host of The Newsworthy