What if the way we make decisions is just as important as the decisions we make?


Discern and Decide is a self-paced online companion class to The Next Right Thing, designed to help you create a rhythm of life that supports soulful decision making. In this class you will:

  • Learn the key to make more soulful decisions
  • Discover 5 questions to ask before every tough decision
  • Find the spiritual practices that fit with your personality
  • Design a personal and communal rhythm of life
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Create life rhythms that support soulful decisions


Video Lessons

Five in-depth video lessons designed to walk you through creating a rhythm of life. Go at your own pace!


Printable Workbook

Print out this beautifully designed 35 page workbook and fill out the lessons as you go.


Bonus Audio

You'll get eight spiritual practices to implement in your rhythm of life. We call these the Daily Calm Downs.


Behind the Scenes

Watch behind the scenes footage about writing the book and how The Next Right Thing got its start.

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  • Discern + Decide Online Course: 5 in-depth teaching videos from Emily

  • Discern + Decide Printable Exercises + Worksheets

  • Printable Transcripts of all audio + video teaching

  • Bonus Audio Content: Eight audio descriptions of spiritual practices to implement in your rhythm of life.


Meet Emily

Host and author of The Next Right Thing

I'm Emily, host of The Next Right Thing podcast and author of The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions.

Unmade decisions hold a lot of power. The secret to making better decisions is to learn to make decisions in a better way. 

That's what simply doing the next right thing is all about. It's a practice made of  three simple movements that we can repeat for every decision, big or small: clear the clutter, name the unnamed things, and do the next right thing in love.

Now with this hands-on class, Discern + Decide is a sister to the book, guide you step-by-step through your own life, with questions for reflection and guidelines for establishing your own personal rhythm of life to support soulful decision making.

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what people are saying

Hear from those who have already gone through Discern + Decide

"I finished the class and wish there was more. So simple and encouraging and helpful and everything I needed!"

- Melissa

"Discern and Decide gave me just the wisdom and direction I needed to navigate this new rhythm of my life."

- Patti

"I was struggling with Analysis Paralysis. Discern + Decide helped me move forward in a decision I had been stuck on for five months."

- Lynne Hartke

"For years now, I’ve been looking for a course like this. Not only have I crafted a daily rhythm that my soul loves, but I’m learning to be more well-rounded in my decision-making."

Rebekah McKenzie

"A few pages into Discern + Decide I felt my breath slow and my shoulders relax. I held what felt like a heavy decision with white knuckles going into this workbook. I left with open hands and an action plan. The action plan has nothing to do with the decision but everything to do with a new outlook on this decision and others that may come my way. Through Emily’s wisdom, based in scripture and sound theology, I feel newly equipped for the daily decisions and lifetime decisions."

Maggie Murdock Nichols

"Just a little before I started the Discern & Decide course, I made a significant decision. Discern & Decide helped me create the space I needed to reflect on my decision, prepare for the changes ahead, and map out a slightly shifted shape for my days--something I hadn't yet let myself do for a long time."

Katie Beran Snyder

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