Are you tired of starting projects you never finish?

You are great at coming up with ideas and maybe even starting a project. You've done the hard work of naming that thing you know you're supposed to do.

  • launch that podcast
  • write that book
  • host that gathering
  • teach that class
  • lead that small group
  • deliver that talk
  • start that program
  • make that cool thing we can't list because you haven't created it yet

But you're feeling anxious because the tricky thing about this kind of project you feel called to create? It comes from within you.

You have to be both the idea-maker and the project-creator.

You are the boss and the employee.

You are the engineer and the artist.

You're worried this idea will turn out like all the others: like nothing. Unfinished and forgotten.

So what if this time was different?

What if you could approach your creative idea with new hope, fresh eyes, and a solid plan?

I've been waiting for this. Sign me up!

Introducing Create + Complete 

 A self-paced online class to help you work like an artist and finish like a pro.

Hi! I'm Emily.

I'm Emily P. Freeman, founder of The School for Creative Direction and teacher in this first course, Create + Complete. I'm proof that you do not need a personality transplant in order to finish projects.

I am a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of five books that I wrote and released in a short five years. I did not hire a personal organizer, magically develop a Type A personality, or send my three kids to boarding school so I could get my work done. And you don't have to, either.

I did, however, manage to finish meaningful work without sacrificing my meaningful life. Though your project may not be book-writing, I've developed a framework for finishing that I use for all my projects now.


Clear your schedule, clarify your intentions, and finally finish a project that matters.

In Create + Complete, I want to help you:

  • Build a solid foundation for your specific creative project
  • Develop sustainable habits for creative action
  • Find relief from the anxiety of competition and new energy to do your own thing well
  • Stop wasting time and finally finish a project that matters

I look forward to helping you turn your creative idea into a finished project. Let's do this together!

Create + Complete: a peek inside

A step-by-step path from idea creation to project completion

Lesson 0: Ignore

Create the space you need to finally finish a project that matters

Lesson 1: Clarify

Understand and apply the 3 Essential Keys every project needs

Lesson 2: Serve

Discern the difference between your person and your critic

Lesson 3: Design

Design your project and organize the steps for completion

Lesson 4: Celebrate

Know and name when your project is ready to release and celebrate 

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  • Create + Complete Online Course: 5 in-depth teaching videos from Emily

  • Create + Complete Printable Exercises + Worksheets

  • Printable Transcripts of all audio + video teaching

  • Bonus Content: Free access to The Quiet Collection audio recordings


I'm ready to finish a project that matters

What you get when you enroll

Work like an artist, finish like a pro

Create + Complete Online Course

Step-by-step Video Lessons: Five in-depth video lessons designed to take you from idea creation to project completion. Enroll today and watch your first lesson right away.

Weekly Resources + Exercises

Curious questions: Apply what you learn in the video lessons to your unique project with printable worksheets and exercises designed to help you clarify your work and finish with confidence.

Downloadable Transcripts

For our Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students: All video and audio have been made accessible with complete transcripts of the teaching so you won't miss a thing.

Bonus: The Quiet Collection

Daily Audio Recordings: Center your mind with a scripture reading and a thoughtful reflection read by Emily, delivered to your inbox for easy access (transcripts are provided).

What people are saying:

Angela Parlin

"I learned so much from Emily’s creative process, and spent time making some new creative habits of my own. This experience was just the push I needed to move from stuck to getting it done."

Marian Vischer 

"Emily is a skilled, thoughtful, and gentle guide for the artist seeking greater clarity in her work and looking for specific guidance and helpful tools to transform her hopes into something tangible."

About The School for Creative Direction

Direction for makers who aren't sure what to do next with their great idea

Every work that has ever touched our lives, no matter the medium, has one thing in common: someone finished it. We believe in order to finish projects that matter, three key pillars need to be in place:

  • a centered soul
  • the space to create
  • a supportive community

In today's fast-paced world, these are more difficult than ever to cultivate. The School for Creative Direction seeks to provide all three of these in our first ever offering, Create + Complete. We want to partner with the artist who values deep connection, curious listening, soul space, and meaningful work.

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I'm ready to finish a project that matters

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